by Chris and Charlotte, Your Pleasure Mechanics

One of the most essential, and rewarding pleasures of them all for us humans?


"A soft touch on the arm makes the orbital frontal cortex light up, just like those other rewarding stimuli. So, touch is a very powerful rewarding stimulus -- just like your chocolate that you find in your cupboard at home." ~ researcher M. Hertenstein

Let us be clear here, the science says that receiving loving quality touch lights up the same part of our brain as eating chocolate. How amazing is that? If you need any more motivation to start exploring touch, check out the rest of this fabulous three minute lesson on the full body response to human touch from NPR.

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Ready for your entire body to be lavished with touch as rewarding as chocolate?

Erotic Touch Mastery marries our two most popular courses into one powerful resource. We are ready to guide you, stroke-by-stroke, in sharing deeply satisfying, profoundly delicious erotic touch - and in how to get precisely the kind of touch you both crave.

We here at Pleasure Mechanics are both wildly in love with touch, and touch has always been a huge part of how we love one another. When we taught sold-out weekend workshops all across the country, it was a huge joy to witness lovers melt into one another's hands, finally learning how to share relaxed, confident, skillful touch. It's a magical moment to behold.

If you have a "touching story" (sorry, not sorry) you'd like to share with us about how touch has made an impact in your love relationships, we'd love to hear. Hit "reply" on any email you receive from us and be in touch with us directly!

With all the love in our hands and hearts.

Ontario, Canada