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★ The American Psychological Association published a report that "traditional masculinity" hurts boys and men. There was a failure in language here - because it became all too easy to spin that language into an anti-men stance. Rather, the report talks about the incredible social pressure to conform that gender roles put on men, the inability to express emotions and ask for help, the social disconnect that science is now understanding as a major health crisis. This isn't an attack on men - it is a rallying cry to do better for ALL humans by rethinking gender roles and socialization. It's about time. We queers have been doing this for the past century. Time for us ALL to experience a bit more freedom and belonging. click here to read more

★ A few days after the APA report, the Gillette ad climbed onto the shoulders of a movement being led by tireless activists and encapsulated a social movement into a mini-film commercial. We shouldn't forget that this brand has made it's money on gender policing both men and women. But we also need to celebrate that millions of eyeballs are seeing a new vision for masculinity and hearing the words "we can do better!"

★ An interview with Mark Greene on "the man box" check it out here - or take this moment to send this episode to a few great men in your life. We received SO many amazing responses to this conversation - it could be the first step in releasing a pressure valve on the men in your life. He also has a great new book out for men - The Little #MeToo Book For Men.

★ Dive into the emotional experience of ED for both partners. The wonderful sexuality therapist Tiffany Anton joined us with her incredible insight and wisdom about how to approach this erotic struggle with compassion. Click here to listen

★ If performance anxiety has already hijacked one too many of your erotic opportunities, you are not alone. The guys in this community are LOVING and RAVING about Vanessa Marin's course The Modern Man's Guide To Conquering Performance Pressure. This is an amazing offering of both body based and relational strategies to reclaim your erotic power and presence.

Healthy Masturbation

from Susan Bratton

As a fan of healthy masturbation. There is a time and place for it. And a proper "method," if you could call it that. Doing it the right way means you clean out your prostate fluid, helping you avoid prostatitis and prostate cancer. Healthy masturbation done the right way also helps you last longer in bed. Ejaculating after using your penis pump is also not recommended for a few hours so you can keep your penis expanded with blood. However, masturbation done the "wrong" way is unhealthy for so many reasons.
I receive a LOT of emails from men about masturbation. Most ask if it will hurt them, or make them impotent, or if it's "bad." Some men even ask me if there is a pill they can take to stop their horniness. (There isn't and it's not necessary.) Other men feel addicted to masturbating - they can't stop doing it 3-4 times a day. But this email I got recently from Kristoff was particularly unique.
Scroll down below for my response and explanation.

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