Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Semen Retention

In this episode, certified sexologists and Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners and ACS Sexologists, Brion Craig, Kenny Beaupre, and Dr. Chris Erickson answer listener’s questions about semen retention and becoming a multi-orgasmic male.

  • Is precum the same as semen?
  • Is eating semen a form of semen retention?
  • How often should you ejaculate?
  • Is it okay to ejaculate a little bit? How much is too much?

    Get the answers to these questions and more only on Sex Is Medicine with Devi Ward.

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    Good Men Are Everywhere 5 Star Pleasure

    This week, it's all about the great men amongst us. In honor, in praise, in celebration of men. This past week, fueled by a few major events, the cultural conversation shifted away from "can men do better?" to "can we do better for men?" Finally, everyone has something to say about masculinity. We've spent the past fifty years deconstructing the experience of being a woman through the feminist lens. Now, we get to examine masculinity and reveal that it is a social trap by design - and it can be redesigned for a much happier future for us all. We are envisioning a future filled with erotically fulfilled humans - what would the world look like if the baseline, the expectation, was sexual dignity and fulfillment? Can you even begin to imagine what that would mean for humanity? Let's picture it together and keep dreaming it into being.

    Meanwhile, here in the early light of 2k19: click here to read more

    We love men. There is deep reverent love and belief in all human beings through gender and beyond. We know it is part of our work to help end the "battle of the sexes" that has no victors. We know part of our job is to show how sexuality can only thrive and enrich our lives when we are ALL safe to express our complexity, our desires and our true selves. So this past week, just as we stood with all the survivors and women who are deeply hurting, who are feeling rage, who are reminded of their second class citizenship, we stand with men. We know and trust that most guys want to be good men, serve their families and be loved and celebrated for their unique contributions. So here are five links that highlight good men, resources for men to lean on in these confusing times, and inspirations for a world where the "battle of the sexes" is a thing of the distant past.


  • A powerful conversation with Mark Greene of Remaking Manhood about the emotional suppression of boys, empathy and rage. Please share it with any men in your lives who are looking for support and answers. Link here
  • The Good Men Project is a tremendous resource for ideas and inspiration on what it means (and what it takes) to walk in this world as a good man.
  • Did you know our very first project was all about the joys of prostate play? For 12 years we have had the honor of being leaders in teaching men about the life-changing pleasures of prostate play. For ALL men to know the full potential of their sexual system. Here's a link, for this newsletter, and for 50% off the Prostate Massage Mastery course. What we KNOW is that when men explore this part of their erotic system, everything changes, and tremendous amounts of pleasure is unlocked.
  • This conversation with Senator Cory Booker gives us a glimmer of hope about the future of politics. This guy is literally learning a new language so he can better communicate with those he works for.
  • Finally, for a glimpse of masculine embodiment beyond gender, here is some favorite dances from a favorite dance company. Notice the combination of strength and grace, confidence and power. Link here There is nothing "girly" about this dance, but it doesn't play by the old rules of masculinity either. (Can't resist, here is another one of there powerful masculine dances)
  • And for all of us - when was the last time you danced - alone, without shame, fully moving your emotions through your body? Give it a try!
    We need to do the work, together, of envisioning what is beyond this current reality.
    What might it look like to share a world where we are all honored as human beings, where we all have access to the full range of emotional expression, where we all feel safe and supported and cherished? We must envision what we are growing into, together.
    We honor all of the very good men who are part of our community.
    We need you to lead the way for other men in your communities, to put your strength and intelligence towards creating a better world for us all, to dare to walk in this world as a proud GOOD man, modeling what is possible for the next generation of boys. If you want to be in touch with them directly.. Join this inner circle at patreon.com/pleasuremechanics - where you can send direct messages and be in communication with them and the rest of the community in a safe, supportive community.

    More Resources

    Barnes, Jeremiah, life coach and writer for Omooni. He is dedicated to unleash the potential of conscious sexuality as a part of the personal development journey. Inspired by living and studying in various Tantric environments in Asia over the last 10 years, Tantra in combination with modern science are the basis for most of his teachings an writings. He recommends "How to Make Love All Night and Drive Women Wild by Barbara Kesslings. He is the author of "Why the Male Orgasm is not as Simple as Everyone Tries to Tell You." Omooni, May12/16. Omooni provides on-line courses to refine your Sexuality and Foster Your Relationships.

    TJ Bartel at Dakalove.com
    TJ Bartel is a Tantra Master and therapist. He works with men and women and couples. He has written a book, “Create More Passion Tonight: Uniting Ancient Wisdom with Modern Brain Science” with Daniel Amen, M.D..

    Sol Sebastian at the Earth Medicine Institute
    He has a 12 week on-line program the “Alchemy of Man” about men's health, sexuality and passion. I have listened to one program that was offered through a woman's program with Saida Desiliets and it was excellent. He is writing a book by the same title the “Alchemy of Man”.

    Ontario, Canada