" I found the play so inspiring I danced and danced and stayed up until 2:30 in the morning.  Something about the play gave me the permission to feel okay for where I have been."    ~ Doreen Binder

"Phenomenal!"    ~ Nancy Cronyn

Ivan and I went to watch the play  this past Autumn. We were both very captivated by the theme and by the superb acting by the two women protagonists. The play is written by my dear friend, Laurie Williams, and it is based on her own personal life experience. The play is the portrayal of her journey of sexual awakening. I was completely mesmerized (my focus was unfaltering) by the originality and the creativity of the writing/acting. I loved it!!! I recommend this play to anyone who wants to liberate, transform and celebrate the relationship to his or her sexuality."
    ~ Medea Bavarella Chechik,   M.Div., Feminine Power Coach, Transformational Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach & Trainer, Internet TV Talk Show Host, Writer-Poet

...I was recently invited to a showing at the Alumnae Theatre and was extremely impressed by the play, and by the honesty behind the words and the acting. The talk back was very lively because the play triggered some very deep responses in people ranging in age and gender. People were unanimous in their belief that the play needs to “get out there” to more audiences.
...This is about a woman’s sexual history set against the backdrop of the most liberated sexual period of our times – but also set against the more repressive era of gender relations of the 1950s. It provides a deep insight into our times and how we’ve gotten where we are now. I think it opens up some new threads of conversation in the current Ghomeshi-triggered discussions. The historical framework is particularly useful.
The play is well written, thought provoking and raw, and balanced with a good dose of humour. I marvel at Laurie’s bravery and lucidity. “Awakening” challenges us to rethink our sexual stories and expectations. One of the most powerful feelings I had about the play is that I wanted young women to see it because it might put a lot of the pressures they are and will be experiencing in a useful perspective."
    ~ Vrenia Ivonoffski,  Artistic Director of ACT II STUDIO, Ryerson University

Ontario, Canada