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Racism, in particular anti-Black racism, is woven into the fabric of society in North America and beyond. So often Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour face greater barriers than white people in accessing resources in education and financing and are often excluded from media and circles of influence. In order to help undo some of the harmful effects of racism, we can learn from, follow, purchase from, and support Black-owned businesses including educators, authors, podcasters, and film-makers. We can also financially assist organizations that support Black folx through the barriers they face and that offer resources that help them to succeed.

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Sensual Empowerment for Black Men!

Tantra Healing for Black Men

  • Tantra Healing for Black Men was an online Tantric Healing Program created by Black people to support the healing and empowerment of Black men.
  • Black men’s sexuality has and continues to be, impacted by the societal violence of white supremacy and the traumatic legacy of government-sanctioned chattel slavery. Navigating the systems of white supremacy every day takes a toll on your mental, emotional, physical, and sexual health.
  • Despite having to endure these systems as you work to provide for your family and your community, there are very few resources to support Black men in healing from personal, generational, genetic trauma, and sexual trauma.
  • Brion Craig and Devi Ward Erickson designed a Tantra Healing program to specifically address the issues that most impact Black male sexuality today.

    Sensual Empowerment for Black Men! Eposodes

    In this episode of S*x Is Medicine, Devi speaks with two highly accomplished male tantric practitioners, Vayne Thomas Jr and Brion Craig, both of whom have done the “work” to create a life of s*xual and personal empowerment. Tune in to find out:
  • What does “s*xual empowerment” mean?
  • What does this look like for Black men specifically?
  • What are some of the obstacles Black men need to overcome?
  • The vital need for community in your healing journey
  • What tangible changes will you see in your life?
  • Don’t miss this AASECT award winning show about sexuality, spirituality, pleasure, and personal growth!

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    Ontario, Canada