Awakening: One Woman's Sexual Journey

“What is your sexual story? Here’s mine…”

Laurie came of age in the era of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. Yet her cultural conditioning kept her ignorant of her sexual self, which lay suppressed and unexplored for years. Still, a deep intuition and longing to experience love and passion haunted her. Later in life, she came to understand the source of that yearning: she discovered shamanic principles which hold that sexual energy is an integral part of our being.

And so began her journey to a felt connection with her sexuality. In the process, she began to ask questions. Why did she remain sexually unaware for so long? What are the false beliefs around sexuality we hold? How do we learn them? How do we instead treat our sexuality with sacredness and honour? How do we recover felt connection to our sexual selves?

“Awakening” charts her trek through the sexual myths and terror that held her back from self-acceptance, and delves into the tension between her cultural conditioning and her authentic sexual self. Audiences will begin to ask themselves about their own sexual stories, and to start challenging their own false beliefs. This is a play for women and men of all ages who are curious about sexuality, who may never have fully accepted their own sexual selves, who have been conditioned and traumatized by culturally-imposed shame, who have been denied their rights to wholeness and self-acceptance, who have been victims of fear-based sexual myths for too long. Audiences will walk away inspired to connect to the mystery and sacredness of their own, ongoing sexual awakening and to help others along the same path.

Daring, poignant, funny, and bracingly honest, “Awakening” will challenge audiences to examine their own sexual stories with life-altering results.

Laurie Williams, Ph.D., is a cultural creator, actress, and change agent.

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