Rethinking Valentine's Day

by Chris and Charlotte, Your Pleasure Mechanics

In this new podcast episode we explore the incredible history (wait till you hear what the month of February is named after!) and then invite you to make this holiday your own, reflecting your values and what you want to experience more of. (You can also tune into the episode on Spotify, or search Pleasure Mechanics on your fav podcast app!)

We've gathered a very full page of resources to help you celebrate the full range of love, romance, intimacy, eroticism and thrill that this holiday can hold. You’ll find interactive experiences, curated podcasts, conversation starters and our favorite courses, all organized to help you celebrate in your very own way.

For lovers who are ready to reconnect and dive deep into the skills of intimacy, we invite you to join us as students of Intimate Relationships 101 , an online course with the ever wise therapist and author Dr. Alexandra Solomon (hear about our experience with this course here!)

Sometimes the best gift is an investment in getting support. If you are struggling with an erotic roadblock, the comprehensive courses from therapist Vanessa Marin are our go-to referral for effective tools for transformation. Check out Finishing School to learn how to orgasm​ alone or with a partner. Our guys have loved her Modern Man's Guide to overcoming performance anxiety and we regularly send couples to The Passion Project for tools to balance mismatched libidos.

While Vanessa Marin offers deep dives for the most common struggles, if you are already in a pretty good relational space and ready to just play more and get creative together, you can get your inbox absolutely stuffed with enticing options with her 30 Day Sex Challenge!

Remember that ALL holidays can be reimagined - check out this incredible gallery that shows how New Orleans is surviving the loss of their beloved Mardi Gras by transforming it into "Yardi Gras" - we predict that this tradition will continue even once the parades are filling the streets again.

Holidays - like culture - are ever changing and we all get to play a part in co-creating the future of both! TJ Bartel with Daniel Amen, M.D.. “Create More Passion Tonight: Uniting Ancient Wisdom with Modern Brain Science” 6 CD's series , 2009

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