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A Letter of Compassion
We all have a story of sexual shame...
Very Recently we lost a sweet 9-year old boy to suicide. Jamel Myles had come out as gay to his mom who accepted him and told him she loved him no matter what.

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Take today to dream into what you would love more of in your life and to allow yourself to soften into receiving it. The mission: to support every individual to recognize, claim, and enjoy their sexual sovereignty... An invitation for you to DARE YOUR DESIRE!
Here's to leaning into our edges and pleasure with more ease, delight, and confidence
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Important for your Health
especially if you are on-line dating.

Information on hearing loss and sex
and a linked questionnaire on safety connection to
pleasure. Its still relevant
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Guidebook: 14 Days from Survivor to Thriver
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The Play

Laurie Williams came of age in the era of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. Yet her cultural conditioning kept her ignorant of her sexual self, which lay suppressed and unexplored for years. Still, a deep intuition and longing to experience love and passion haunted her. Later in life, Laurie came to understand the source of that yearning: she discovered shamanic principles which hold that sexual energy is life itself - our source of aliveness.

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Vanilla with Toppings

Speaking of Sex Podcast:

While vanilla can be so delicious on it’s own, with permission to enjoy a wide range of toppings, the possibilities for pleasure become boundless.
On our newest podcast episode, we explore all the toppings we can add to "plain ol' Vanilla" - maybe it is the whipped cream of extra romance, the sprinkles of sensation play or the spicy popcorn of adding in new toys, you can add so many toppings to your favorite vanilla and never get bored
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Unlocking the Secrets to a Safer, More Integrated Society... Revealed!

Are you ready to dive into a topic that has been shrouded in secrecy for far too long? Brace yourself, because we're about to embark on a mind-opening journey that will challenge your beliefs and revolutionize your perspective. 

Introducing: The Transformative Power of Destigmatizing Self-Pleasure!  Yes, you read that right. We're taking a bold step to unravel the mysteries surrounding a topic often whispered about but rarely explored openly. In this groundbreaking article, we delve deep into the realm of self-pleasure and its potential to reshape our society into a safer, more integrated haven.

The sessions are recorded so you can review missed issues.. For more info and official links please click here

Testosterone Health 
The CDC… the Center for Disease Control recently "re-adjusted" normal male testosterone levels downward a whopping 38%. Why do you think that these alphabet soup agencies keep trying to make men weaker, slower, and more sluggish? Is it because the average testosterone levels of men worldwide have been dropping down over the years?
Has it become to difficult to bring that number back up? And is it now so low they have to adjust them to the "new normal?"
Because they know that they can’t stop what’s really holding down your masculinity… even if they wanted t

There’s an "androgen apocalypse" shriveling your masculinity and destroying your manly health. 
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Sensual Empowerment for Black Men!
The messages that Black men receive about what it means to be “s*xually empowered” are often rooted in porn culture and toxic views of masculinity. What does healthy and authentic s*xual empowerment look like for Black men and what are the steps required to achieve true and lasting results? Link Here

On S*x Is Medicine, Devi speaks with Psychologist and Author, Beverly Engel about what to do when your partner has a history of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

In this episode find out:

  • The definition of childhood sexual abuse
  • Why most people have been or are in a relationship with someone who has been sexually abused
  • The issues that arise within relationships due to a history of sexual abuse
  • How to navigate a relationship with a partner who has been sexually abused
  • Tools and resources for yourself if you’ve been sexually abused

This conversation is full of information and resources to help you and your loved ones navigate the issues that arise when there is a history of sexual abuse. Listen in below! Link Here

How Does Your Birth Control Affect Your Sexual Health?
with Devi Ward Erickson, with Guest LIsa Hendrickson-Jack

On S*x Is Medicine, Devi speaks with guest Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, author of “The Fifth Vital Sign” discussing the impact that hormonal contraceptives have on your overall health and sexual function. Tune in to discover the incredible connection between your menstrual cycle and your overall health! ​
Find out: *Why we should consider the menstrual cycle a vital sign of overall health? *How do hormonal contraceptives impact libido? *What does the research say about this link? *What is the connection between hormonal contraceptives and painful sex? *What impact do hormonal contraceptives affect your lady parts? (i.e. clitoral shrinkage and thinning of the vaginal introitus) *Impact of hormonal contraceptives on partner attraction and the possible implications of this
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Lessons in Love Sex and Intimacy for Lovers

  • What to do when you feel numb and can’t orgasm
  • How to connect on a deep and intimate level with your partner
  • The different kinds of orgasms men and women are capable of
  • How trauma can affect your sex life and ability for intimacy
  • How you can use sex for healing in your own life and relationship

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