From Pamela Madsen

Do you have a bored vulva? Can’t feel your desire or turn on? Rather watch Netflix than do anything sexual? If you are in your forties, fifties or older read on. If you are anywhere near the years around that mid way mark of "mid life", you are in a crucial time of your life when you are ready for something more. Frankly, you may be really, really, really bored. If you have kids, they are grown or mostly grown enough for you to do what you want in your own life without having to worry about baby sitters or if they are old enough to be left alone. Your career may very well be on track, and you are less worried about making a change in your life that might upset your partner, family, or friends. Connect to the Blog here

Individual Retreats
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Specially curated for you during this time. 2021 dates are very limited. We are following Covid guidelines and paying special attention to how we can provide this work for you and be safe. Reach out to Pamela at to discuss.