Pleasure Principle Returns

There are many powerful offerings coming your way.

If you miss you us, remember we have 360+ archived episodes to explore, or dive deeper with us in a Mastery Course!

In a time of global uncertainty, fear and anxiety, coming home to your body is more important than ever. How do we find safety, comfort and connection in these anxious times? How do we come to trust our own bodies as a source of refuge and wisdom?

What would "body trust" feel like to you?

If you have ever struggled with feeling at home in your own skin.

If you have ever felt too much or not enough to be worthy of love.

If you have lived your life trying to "be good" or forgiving yourself for "cheating" or resisting what you truly desire.

If you, like us, are ready for an entirely new conversation about bodies, welcome to *Body Trust*

This *free online conference* is all about helping you hold yourself - and bodies different from your own - with more love and compassion.

* Register for free here - the free online experience begins on March 11, but the online community is already active and, frankly, the warmest room on the internet right now.

Join us for this immersive experience - talks are free for 24 hours, catch just one talk and blow your mind or dive in and flood yourself with this brilliance.

This summit is co-produced by our dear friend Dawn Serra, who produces the life-changing Explore More Summit (we are speaking again this year at ExploreMore, more info to come!)

There will be 20+ talks on everything from eating disorder recovery and embodiment to pleasure, parenting, and so much more.

Register here for free and open your mind and heart to ideas that will change how you live in your body. We'll see you there.


Ontario, Canada