Mindful Sex

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The principles of MindfulSex invite us to bring more attention, intention and focus to our erotic experience - so we can feel and experience our erotic lives more fully. Meanwhile, we can develop skills to manage the distractions that often pull us away from pleasure and limit our joy.

Ready to explore with us? Our online course offers guided pleasure practices and interactive explorations so you can experience more pleasure, presence and passion.

Like all of our courses, MindfulSex is an ever-growing collection of resources that you can explore over time from the privacy of your own home. We just added all-new practices like our Aroused Body Scan and other pleasure practices - so if you are already enrolled, we invite to circle back and deepen your exploration with us.

In the coming weeks, we will be recording a new podcast episode with the ever brilliant somatic psychotherapist Dr. Holly Richmond. We will be discussing the powerful, research-backed, effective strategies of MindfulSex, exploring how and why they are so powerful for folks with all sorts of common erotic struggles.

If you or your lover struggle with the ongoing impact of trauma, we highly recommend Dr. Holly Richmond's brand new online course, "Reclaiming Pleasure - join us in exploring how to generate more safety, trust and pleasurable connection.

Recent podcast episodes have covered several essential "meta" erotic skills that you can explore and integrate into your erotic life, on your own terms. We've loved hearing about your wins and aha! moments using these techniques - thanks for sharing your stories with us! Ready to tune in and turn on? You can explore the complete podcast archive at PleasureMechanics.com - and the be sure to subscribe on iTunes for American citizens or find the podcast on Spotify so you never miss an episode.

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