Our experiences vary. What works for one person may not work for another. Though this may be true, I would like to share with you some resources that I have found informative and/or compelling. A word to the wise: "The yoni never lies." Listen to and honour her wisdom. Interview people you are thinking about working with and make sure you feel safe.

Amy Jo Goddard

Amy Jo Goddard has become the most renowned Sexual Empowerment Coach in the world. After nearly two decades of working in the sexuality field with every audience you can think of, from first graders to adult professionals to college students across the U.S., Amy Jo dedicated herself to building a successful coaching practice for women and couples. She has built her business with her tremendous experience, pioneering smarts and deep compassion for the clients she works with.

Amy speaks up and critiques the idea of “sex addiction” as it’s commonly understood. read more...

Sexual Pleasure and Chronic Pain

Dolman, Rae. M.A. Sc, RP, RMFT
Email: Tel: 416-586-4800 ext.. 2760#
I heard Rae at the Guelph Sexuality Conference, June, 2016. She provides excellent practical information for exploring how to reconnect with your sexual pleasure. Download sexualresponse.pdf

Powerful Plenary Speaker

Ramirez, Francisco holds a Master of Public Health (concentration in sexuality and health) from Columbia University's Mailman School of Pubic Health where he was named a Rosenfield Scholar in Sexual and Reproductive Health. Francisco has devoted his career to shaking up traditional approaches to sexual health – with focus on pleasure and outreach and does so with huge heart.

Tehrani Interviews

Anahita Joon Tehrani's Your Sacred Sexy Life Summit Interview Series, May, 2016
I found these interviews very compelling -

People with Whom I haved Worked

Daphne Cohn's business is “Feminine Force Entrepreneur”. Daphne links women's success to their sexuality and is an incredible resource for connecting with all kinds of women evolving in this arena.

Pamela Masden is a fertility/sex educator, blogger – Shameless Women – and founder of the American Fertility Association.

Debra Wickman, M.D. OBG. reknown in Red Mastery circles for her vagina safaris or videocam explorations of our sexual anatomy. She helps women connect to their sexual selves by sharing the videocam exploration she does when examining women. Debra is at the forefront of women's sexual medicine.

Kristin Sweeting Morelli is the creator of the the Pleasure Tribe, Red Sisterhood, Red Mastery and Red Leadership. Kristin is a master at coaching and mentoring women in these programs. She shares from her own experience in a way that gives hope and offers concrete help. Her online sites where women share their experiences also create a forum of safety for women to know that they are not alone in their search to be the full expression of their sexual selves and how to share this with their partners.

Saida Desiliets, Ph.D. has a superb on-line 8-week course for women called “The Multi-Orgasmic Woman”. I found this program extremely helpful in connecting to my feminine essence. Saida truly loves being a woman and has done much exploration on her own. She has a gentleness and honouring of approach that makes exploration feel very safe. Check her out for this and other programs. Her work is hands-on. She helps you kindle or rekindle as you never did before a sexual relationship with yourself. She also has a book “Emergence of the Sensual Woman”.

TJ Bartel I have worked with TJ and know of his competence and integrity and strength of holding the masculine for women.

Devi Erikson and Marthe Schneider /Honest and authentic instructors. They also have informative radio talk shows with relevant topics for men and women

Resources for Men

Barnes, Jeremiah, life coach and writer for Omooni. He is dedicated to unleash the potential of conscious sexuality as a part of the personal development journey. Inspired by living and studying in various Tantric environments in Asia over the last 10 years, Tantra in combination with modern science are the basis for most of his teachings an writings. He recommends "How to Make Love All Night and Drive Women Wild by Barbara Kesslings. He is the author of "Why the Male Orgasm is not as Simple as Everyone Tries to Tell You." Omooni, May12/16. Omooni provides on-line courses to refine your Sexuality and Foster Your Relationships.

TJ Bartel at
TJ Bartel is a Tantra Master and therapist. He works with men and women and couples. He has written a book, “Create More Passion Tonight: Uniting Ancient Wisdom with Modern Brain Science” with Daniel Amen, M.D..

Sol Sebastian at the Earth Medicine Institute
He has a 12 week on-line program the “Alchemy of Man” about men's health, sexuality and passion. I have listened to one program that was offered through a woman's program with Saida Desiliets and it was excellent. He is writing a book by the same title the “Alchemy of Man”.

Programs I have Taken

Quodoushka Teachings (Q's presented by the ICSS)

Pleasure Tribe with Kristin Sweeting Morelli:

Back to the Body: A Sensual Retreat for Women run by Pamela Masden, Ron Stewart and Will Fredericks.

Tantric Workshops in Toronto. Lucy Becker

Good for Her is a sex store in Toronto which offers a whole variety of helpful workshops as well as books and toys. The staff are nonobtrusive, friendly and helpful.

Pleasure Tribe is an online program for women seeking to explore, reclaim, revitalize their feminine essence, sexual beingness, passion and radiance. Kristin is a master in finding masterful teachers of tantra, OMing, Self Pleasure, Sex Play of various sorts, connecting to your man. She also gives her own powerful guidance in Red Reveals and in being Radiant and so much more.

Red Sisterhood is also an online program for women. This program omits the sexual content and shares information on being your feminine essence and in your radiance. From health tips, to relationship guidance to how to manage stressful and demanding times such as holiday seasons and her own personal guidance, this program provides women with an online site of support in just being a woman. Kristin is a single mom and also relates to the issues that come up for moms.

Red Mastery is an intensive six month program that provides a small group of women much more personal and small group time with Kristin to go more deeply into all the issues of the other two programs.

Red Leadership is an intensive 18 month program that is only open to a limited number of women who wish to follow in Kristin's footsteps.

Urgent Response – 416-964-9464 (webpage) Jay Tropianskaia, who is one of my shamanic teachers, leads this excellent program for people with addictions, including sexual addictions.

This is a workshop for those affected by addictions as well as counselors and therapists working with addictions. Renowned physicist David Bohm once gave a group of scientists the following gift: he told them that when experiencing any urgent response to anything they not give into it, but instead take a pause. That is because urgency comes out of our brain’s function called pattern recognition by which it can urge us to identify a hamburger with happiness, or a new dress with survival. Gestalt therapy works in the pause – between our forgotten deepest needs and the short lived urgent solution that never meets those needs. In this 10 week workshop you will learn:
  • that the addictive pattern holds the key to our underlying needs
  • to confront the dread of boredom
  • to recognize your spiking pattern that keeps you from feeling
  • to accept short term pain for long term pleasure
  • to accept loss as an important part of living and a key to reclaiming hope

Good for Her workshops. GFH is a sex positive Toronto store selling erotica and toys as well as offering many excellent workshops for both men and women. I have taken many of these workshops as I mention in my play. Address: 175 Harbord St., Toronto, ON., Canada. Phone: 416-588-0900.

AuthenticTibetan Tantra, Female Orgasm Intensive,with Devi Erikson and Marthe Schneider. This on-line workshop took me up to a whole other level just as they claimed.

Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts. Through her powerful courses, Regena Thomashauer, in her own admittedly badass way, is making a revolution by advocating for and teaching the womanly arts so the feminine can be brought into balance with the masculine.

Audio Series

TJ Bartel with Daniel Amen, M.D..“Create More Passion Tonight: Uniting Ancient Wisdom with Modern Brain Science” 6 CD's series , 2009

Ontario, Canada